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Join the Florida State Massage Therapy Association

The Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA), a cornerstone of the massage therapy profession, continues to empower and support massage therapists across Florida. Founded 85 years ago this June by the original 85 members in 1939, FSMTA is the oldest professional massage therapy association in the United States, dedicated to promoting and protecting the profession through legislative efforts, education and mutual support.

FSMTA offers a wealth of benefits to its members, including professional liability insurance, continuing education programs, online career center, and access to the annual massage therapy convention and trade show. Their mission is to unify the massage therapy profession while creating, representing and promoting standards of excellence in health care and are committed to ensuring their members have the resources they need to succeed.

The association’s legislative efforts have been instrumental in advancing the massage profession. Inclusion in 2019 Nonopioid Alternatives legislation and the 2021 update to the Massage Therapy Practice Act helped ensure that massage therapists are included with and held to the same standards as other health care practitioners. FSMTA also maintains a consistent presence at all Florida Board of Massage Therapy meetings and provides members with updates through its monthly newsletter and quarterly Massage Message magazine.

FSMTA’s 19 local chapters offer networking opportunities and community involvement, including free or low-cost continuing education and events to raise public awareness about the benefits of massage therapy. The annual convention is a highlight, featuring internationally-known speakers and major vendors, providing members with substantial discounts and opportunities for professional growth.

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