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Natural Awakenings Central Florida / Orlando

1971 Lee Road
Suite 100
Winter Park, FL 32789

Our Cereset center for brain wellness is in Winter Park, 9 blocks east of I-4 on the north side of Lee Road – halfway between I-4 and 17/92. This is where you’ll experience your Cereset sessions.

Cereset is a proven, non-invasive, neuromodulation technology designed to help your brain achieve higher levels of performance and overall well-being. Whether you want simply to optimize your already good health and vibrancy, or you are struggling just to survive, we are here to help.

The process is surprisingly easy! It is a wellness experience that helps you relax your brain to manage stress, restore hope and achieve restful sleep through patented BrainEcho® technology that empowers the brain to reset itself as it hears and “sees” its own reflection. Your brain returns to a healthy balance and harmony from the inside out. There is no outside intervention, stimulus, or medication of any kind – the brain does its own work while you may nap or relax quietly in a comfortable chair.

Call or text us today at 407.775.2600. Or simply complete the form below to get more information or to schedule your one-hour $99 Introductory Session, which includes a baseline reading of your brain’s balance and harmony.