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Depression: A New Way Forward

In bustling Central Florida, where sunny days and vibrant activity mark our daily lives, there hides a quieter, gnawing struggle that affects nearly 1 in 5 people: depression. This condition is often not visible on the surface, but its impact is profound, diminishing mood, productivity, energy, relationships and overall well-being, often leaving a person lamenting the loss of their former self, and wondering if they will ever be “normal” again.

Finding effective treatment for depression can be challenging. The traditional “pill for every ill” approach typically prescribes selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors known as SSRI’s. Studies show that these provide significant relief for only about 30-60% of sufferers (study outcomes vary)! But even for those it helps, the American Psychiatric Association guidelines call for their use only short-term in most cases (typically 4-9 months after initial acute-phase treatment of even Major Depressive Disorder).

SSRI’s fall short of providing lasting relief, and they come with unwanted side-effects, like nausea, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and even an increased risk of suicidal ideation.  The plethora of supplements (natural and otherwise) that claim to help is no better. None go to the root causes of depression.

To make matters worse, SSRI’s produce chemical dependency. That means higher doses are required over time to get the same results. And according to a large-scale study completed recently by UCL (one of the top three research universities in the UK) it means that to stop taking SSRI’s is even more challenging than generally understood, with withdrawal symptoms averaging 9 months for those using them for more than 5 years.

What if there were a way to address the root of the problem naturally, without medications, without supplements, without rigorous behavioral modification modalities? Neuroscience has demonstrated that the brain is able – throughout our lives, not just in our youth – to “re-wire” itself. The term for this remarkable capacity is “neuro-plasticity.”

Recognizing the limitations of traditional approaches to depression treatment, many are turning to innovative neuroscience-based alternatives like Cereset. Cereset has proven effectiveness, documented via numerous clinical trials. It offers a non-invasive, drug-free solution, substance-free approach that harnesses the brain’s natural ability to self-regulate and heal. Unlike SSRI’s, which aim to alter brain chemistry through external intervention (outside-in) Cereset works by providing the brain with precise, real-time acoustic feedback, allowing it to rebalance and harmonize on its own terms (inside-out).

At the heart of the patented Cereset approach is a technology known as BrainEcho™, which uses advanced sensors to detect and monitor brainwave patterns in real-time. These brainwave patterns provide valuable insights into the brain’s state of balance, harmony and coherence. By analyzing these patterns and providing the brain with precise, individualized feedback in the form of pleasant tones, Cereset helps the brain “re-wire,” resulting in mood improvement, sleep, reduced anxiety, improved sleep and overall well-being.

One of the key advantages of Cereset is its personalized approach. Unlike SSRI’s, which offer a one-size-fits-all “solution” (really only a kind of band-aid), Cereset protocols engage uniquely with each individual’s personal brainwave patterns. This ensures that each session is optimized for maximum effectiveness and lasting results.

Furthermore, Cereset is free from the side effects commonly associated with SSRI’s, making it a safe and well-tolerated option for those seeking relief from depression. With no drugs or invasive procedures involved, Cereset offers a gentle, natural, inside-out way to support mental health and wellness.

For those already depending on SSRI’s who may wish to stop taking them, Cereset can be used (with the collaboration of one’s personal doctor) to assist the tapering process by supporting the brain through the often challenging withdrawal phase.

By directly addressing what is often a root cause of depression (the brain’s imbalance or disharmony) and promoting self-regulation within the brain, Cereset offers hope and healing to those who may have been discouraged by traditional treatment options.

If your persistent or frequent disposition is at odds with the bright, sunny Central Florida that you inhabit, and if what you’ve tried as a solution is not working, perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

You can learn more about Cereset at, and you can call or text Bart Johnson, owner at 407-775-2600 to book an Introductory Session. Location: 1971 Lee Rd., Winter Park, Suite 100.
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