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Remaining a Ready Student of Life

“When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” ~ Author Unknown

How true I have found this proverb to be. And, as a continuously eager student, I have found many teachers along the way, especially when my path went a bit wayward. Remember: a downward turn or crisis can be a wonderful opportunity to embrace change when one is open for positive growth.

Springtime is not a typical time for feeling depressed. Yet, mentally-challenging times can appear anytime, and stick around for a while. For those who tune in to daily mainstream television news, how can you possibly feel happy? My go-to quick remedies include getting outside and attending festivals. The weekly farmers markets are everywhere in Central Florida. Check out your local gardening centers, too. My all-time favorite: South Seminole Farm & Nursery in Casselberry, where they also offer free gardening classes every Saturday at 10am.

Other ways to alleviate depression is to take a vacation. Our theme this month is Sustainable Eco-Travel and the benefits of taking a Farm Vacation. We also have an inspiring article (pg 18) offering a new way forward with brain harmonizing using the Cereset method. 

This May issue has wise advice which, if seriously considered, can improve the lives of all. Our office often receives many testimonials from readers who have found new ways to natural health from our advertisers and writers.

Keep spreading the good news! This is the kind of energy that makes the world go ‘round. It’s not all about money. Remain a ready student. There is no doubt—you, too, will find countless teachers along the way! Our calendar section is a good place to start. See page 26 for many educational and fun opportunities.

Happy Springtime,


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