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The Brain’s Hope for Children with ADD and ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are prevalent challenges among children, impacting their academic performance, social interactions, and overall well-being. While medication or various supplements are typically prescribed to manage symptoms, these often produce unwanted side-effects and long-term dependencies. So, many parents seek alternative approaches that address the root cause of these challenges.

Neuroscience has extensively studied and clearly documented an attribute of the brain that is now called “neuroplasticity.” That is the ability of the brain to “re-wire” itself. This innate ability enables a stunning variety of ways that the brain can address issues, including those that can cause ADD and ADHD. But sometimes the brain needs help simply to “see” the ways in which it is not performing as designed.

One promising modality to help the brain leverage this “plasticity” is Cereset, a patented, non-invasive neuromodulation technology that facilitates relaxation, harmony, and balance within the brain. Unlike other brain-focused approaches, Cereset doesn’t “train” or guide the brain chemically, organically, electrically, or magnetically. It enables the brain to be its own guide!

It provides the brain with a precise, real-time “acoustic mirror” by translating the brain’s rhythms into pleasant tones the child hears through earbuds. This “mirror” enables the brain to see its issues clearly so that it can autonomously and interactively balance and harmonize on its own terms, without external guidance. Each brain, given the right information, precisely and in real-time, makes its own best decisions.

By providing the brain with accurate feedback, Cereset assists in promoting a state of calm and stability, aiding children in regulating their attention, mood, and behavior. A brain that is harmonized and balanced enables improved cognitive function, memory, and emotional regulation, along with a sense of peace, resulting in better performance in academic and social settings.

Children as young as 5 years old have experienced significant improvement in how they experience themselves and others. And they enjoy the process, as they simply sit in a zero-gravity chair, listening to their “brain’s music” (as one child described it). There is no physical or mental exercise regimen, no meditation, no special diet, no effort!

Most children see results within 3-6 weeks, after just 5 sessions of 60-90 minutes each. And with a few more sessions, children are often able (under the guidance of their doctor) to taper off completely from the medications they had come to depend on just to get through the day.

Importantly, Cereset offers a holistic approach to managing ADD and ADHD symptoms, addressing underlying imbalances in brain function rather than simply masking them with medication and supplements.

With its potential to reduce reliance on medication and support long-term brain health, Cereset holds promise as a valuable tool in the holistic treatment of ADD and ADHD in children.

You can learn more about Cereset at, and you can call or text Bart Johnson, owner, at 407-775-2600 to book an Introductory Session. Location: 1971 Lee Rd., Winter Park.


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