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Biophilic Design Tips with Sharon Kurtz

Biophilic design refers to the incorporation of plants and the thoughtful arrangement of greenery within spaces, integrating nature into our living spaces and establishing a tangible link to the outside world. Introducing nature into indoor environments can positively influence the nervous system, reducing stress and enhancing clarity, thereby improving overall well-being.

Plants positively affect all five senses, improve air quality, and influence the way we perceive light. Biophilic design also offers mental health benefits, impacting cognitive, physiological and psychological aspects. It aids emotional and cognitive responses, helps manage stress and navigates moods and emotions. Blood pressure, cortisol levels, and other stress-related factors can also be reduced.

“While biophilic design goes beyond merely placing a plant in a corner, it ultimately aims to establish a healthy, inspiring space for everyone,” shares Sharon Kurtz. She can help you select plants you can care for and ensure that your home meets their needs, including adequate lighting and humidity.

By taking a few moments each day (or week) for care, you can enjoy a meaningful pause in your routine. Sharon Kurtz is the owner/founder of Organique Design, a residential interior design and art studio in Orlando. Let her help turn your home into a healthy haven! 

Visit or call 407-494-3619 to schedule a consultation.


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