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Become a Dream Master with Diane Ross

Beginning Tuesday, April 9, 2024, Diane Ross is offering a 6-week course (4/9/24-5/14/24) on becoming your own a Dream Master. If you cannot attend the entire series arrangements can be made for other convenient times!

Diane L. Ross, M.A., Certified Hypnotist, master practitioner of NLP, and author of Meditations for Miracles and Five Steps to Freedom, asks: “What do your dreams mean? What can you learn from them? What messages do your dreams have for you?”  During this 6-week online course, you will have the opportunity to experience the dream state during the sessions. “We will actually practice having a variety of dreams including prophetic dreams, past-life regression, after-death communication, spirit and angel communication, after-death pet communication dreams and more!

You will also learn how to remember your dreams, the difference between literal and metaphorical dreams and explore lucid and download dreams.” This is an experiential course, whereby you will be gently led into the dream state during each meeting. 

Held online via Zoom (7:00 to 8:30 pm), the cost is only $170 for the entire course. For more info, please visit, call Diane’s landline at 407-898-7918 or text her at 407 538-7614.


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