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Call Me an Optimist

"An Optimist is the human personification of Spring." 
~Susan J. Bissonette

Welcome to our March edition! This month focuses on Food & Nutrition, where you will find many articles including our seven top healing herbs (p16-17). Growing your own organic plants is easy, especially with the expert advice from Master Gardeners Christian & Mark Robinson of Revival Gardening (p13). And for most herbs, a large outdoor space is not required.

I love the inspiring excerpt “Signs from God” from the book Meditations for Miracles by local author Diane Ross (p11). For me, signs from God (or a higher power) also represent the nurturing feeling of being “in the flow.” Examples include hearing a song on the radio at the perfect pondering time (often heard on Z88.3 FM), a singing bird perched nearby, a telephone call from a friend at the same moment I thought of that person, a spontaneous vibration from my heart chakra.

Call me an optimist—even a traffic jam can be a positive sign. This reminds me to slow down and appreciate the present moment—to do myself a favor: relax and just breathe deeply. What signs from God do you enjoy? Are you open and aware when they appear? Often these signs are abundant, and I am always grateful for them. Remember: These powerful nudges/signs can make an entire day the best ever.

As I write this letter in late February, I am excited that Spring is right around the corner. It is beautiful out there! Check out our calendar (pp 25-26) for many fun festivals and events.

With Gratitude and Optimism—Happy Springtime Ahead,


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