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Cover Art: “Heart of Mother Nature”

Heart of Mother Nature by SusieQ

This mixed-media artwork reveals an environmental narrative, calling on viewers to adopt a heart-centered perspective regarding the profound impact humans have imposed on our landscapes. Countless plastic fragments blanket our landscapes, journeying from storm drains, creeks, and streams to the vast expanse of the sea.

An infusion of pink saturates the heart’s core, prompting a reconsideration of our relationship with plastic—from lab production to consumer choices.  The artwork inspires inventive and productive approaches to counteract the course of non-biodegradable plastics—a collective endeavor benefiting all life on Earth.

This heart, crafted from small, fractured plastic fragments, metaphorically communicates a profound truth: our interconnectedness. Even those who may feel discarded and broken are summoned to unite.

In the embracing narrative of “Heart of Mother Nature,” may we uncover a shared purpose, healing the fractures within ourselves and the environment, embodying the essence of renewal and unity.

For more information on Artwork by SusieQ email [email protected].


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