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Lifestyle and Health in Your Home

Jan 31, 2024 09:31AM ● By Sharon Kurtz, owner of Organique Design

Home – the sanctuary where you sleep, eat, gather, and create cherished memories. Your home is more than just walls. It is an outer reflection of your inner world. And, here is the exciting twist: every nook and cranny has the power to contribute to a healthier, happier you!

Beyond the functional elements of color and furnishings, think about air quality, light, water, nourishment, and even the temperature. These are not just elements; they are the secret ingredients to a vibrant life.

When was the last time you thought about interior design beyond choosing colors and furniture? Your surroundings can influence not just your style, but your very well-being. Imagine a space where everything serves a purpose, where you adore every item, where colors blend seamlessly, transforming your house into a personal oasis. It’s not about living in a cave; it’s about crafting a lifestyle that resonates with you.

There are many different fabrics and furnishings that contribute to overall wellbeing. Natural fibers are normally better for a sustainable purpose, but it’s up to your own health when it comes to the feel of materials and what you prefer.

Under a general consensus, colors of blues or greens invoke calming or healing feelings. But some may find that it makes them sleepy and would prefer something like yellow to invigorate your mood. It’s all a matter of how you feel in your home that can influence your mental state. And, when you have better mental health, your physical health thrives as well.

Beyond the natural items, declutter, simplify and have items that you enjoy showcased in a way that doesn’t bring too much visual clutter. This will help create a good mental balance. Other ways to help: Bring healthier food options into your view, such as displaying fruit in a bowl on the counter, or healthy snacks in jars as the first thing you see in the pantry. If you want to get into yoga, create a designated space that feels calming. Keep a mat or whatever you need for yoga in that space. Make it easy to stretch when the moment strikes.

Now, let’s venture beyond the obvious corners of your home. The hot topics are air quality, lighting, water and overall indoor temperature.

Air Quality is important for many reasons. Clean air isn’t just a luxury; it’s essential for your lungs, helping combat allergies or lung diseases like asthma. Cleaning your air ducts, and using air purifiers can help. Some indoor plants purify, too. Plants are not as extensive as an air purifier, but they can offer mental health benefits.

Light can be artificial or natural. Natural light helps influence your circadian rhythms and uplifts your mental health. Artificial light can help ensure your eyes function at their best.

Water helps with hydration and overall living, but unless you have some type of water filtration system you could be drinking chemicals such as arsenic or chlorine. The levels vary depending on where you live, and these chemicals can cause a range of ailments.

The Temperature of a home and how comfortable you feel is important. Thermal Comfort is one of the many keys for focus and productivity.

Biophilic Design is all about bringing the outdoors in. Plants can be your secret to better mental health. They can bring about the calming influence of nature in every room, and help with managing overall health. For mental health, plastic plants can help, but they do nothing for air quality.

Creating a thriving space might seem daunting—but just do your best and work towards something greater. Even if you slowly declutter over a few months, keep imagining your dream space and the lifestyle you crave. I hope you will love the healthy results along the way!

Sharon Kurtz is the owner/founder of Organique Design, a residential interior design and art studio in Orlando. Let her help turn your home into a healthy haven for you and/or your whole family. Visit or call 407-494-3619 to schedule a consultation.


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