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Are You Uplifting Humanity?

“Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion.” ~ unknown.

Our theme this month is “Uplifting Humanity,” and you will find many ways to participate. One of my favorite articles by Erica Boucher reports that loneliness has become an epidemic in the US. However, we can re-connect by just getting out there and meeting new friends. (See pp 14-15.) She also explains how “Travel helps world peace!” I have my new passport. Will you join us on the Danube River? (See p 12.)

During this festive season, it is easy to get bombarded by marketing online marvels such as BOGO, buy-now pay-later and enticing gimmicks. Beware: Trust your intuition and the trade-offs involved. Celebrities trade fame for privacy, travelers choose between the fastest route or the scenic path. Would you prefer a higher-paying job or more time with your family?

Another trade-off involves a life dealing with an addiction: alcohol, drugs, over-eating, gambling, etc.  Is your short-lived high worth the heavy depression and regret? With proper Brain Harmony, there is a safe path to addiction recovery. (See pp 20-21.)

Finally, our Holiday Gift Guide (pp 12-13) offers unique and local ideas. Now I have my shopping list all figured out! Plus, we are offering a discounted Annual Subscription to Natural Awakenings for only $20! (normally $33/yr). Each month we will mail a magazine anywhere in the US. By sharing healthy good news with your friends and family, we will let the recipient know of your thoughtful gift! Subscribe at or call 407-628-0705 or email: [email protected] to request a mailed subscription.

Happy Holidays & Love to All,



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