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Resources for Postpartum Support

There is no need to suffer in isolation; however, reaching out for any kind of support requires you to be honest.

Old-School Resource for Postpartum Support

Local libraries host themed programs and groups, which are usually free. Look at their website and find groups of moms getting together with their kids, like story time. Comradery & Free group counseling!

Hospital Resources

Many hospitals offer lactation assistance and host other groups and classes.

Online Resources

Finally, turn to online resources for support. A search on Facebook or Meetup will reveal a plethora of groups. Choose one that resonates with you. For best results, find one that meets in person.

Good Advice You Have Heard & Ignored

Maybe you’ve heard all this before. But sometimes you need to hear it again while looking through the lens of your current circumstances. These tips can apply to many seasons of your life; that’s why it’s good advice!

Mind the Stuff Going Around in Your Mind

As women, we can be too hard on ourselves; however, a proper postpartum mindset is essential. For example, focus on the miracle you just birthed instead of the judge-y post on Facebook making you doubt your mothering abilities. And do not expect to get your pre-baby body back right away. Not only does your uterus need to get back into shape, but you may have pain from stitches or breastfeeding, on top of feeling tired and depleted. Try not to overdo it—doctor’s orders!  You’ve gone through a lot of changes. You’ve just created a human.

Sleep When the Baby Is Sleeping

Don’t do laundry; that can wait. It is more important to get some rest. Take a power nap. If you have an energetic toddler or other littles who might not want to sleep, introduce them to the wonders of “downtime.” Put on soothing music and read a book together. It is possible to eventually get your kids on the same schedule when you outthink them.

Roll with the Crazy Moments

Things are going to happen; that’s life. If you’re nursing the baby and your toddler spills juice or food all over the floor, give yourself permission to take care of it later. Take a pic, text it to other moms (with emojis), and laugh with your friends.

Build Your Own Village

Build a support system that provides what you need, whether you’re a single parent, have a child on the spectrum, a blended family, or any other combination. Work with your pediatrician or a social worker to recommend resources to connect you to other moms.

Pick friends and family members who will not be intrusive or judgmental. Other parents with similarly-aged kids will become your connected “village.”

Beware of the Supermom Myth

There are good things and bad things about Western culture, specifically as it applies to the United States. We are a very individualistic country. We value independence and self-sufficiency. Many moms feel “less than” and/or guilty if they show that they need help or have the blues. They don't talk to anyone, and then they feel alone. This has a domino effect that results in mental isolation.

In other parts of the world, multiple generations live under one roof.  Therefore, mothers tend to have more support. They may also have an antagonistic mother-in-law—you get the point. There’s a balance, and we in the West tend to judge ourselves too harshly. This is not limited to motherhood; entrepreneurs will tell you how lonely that journey can be and how frequently they succumb to “imposter syndrome” UNTIL they communicate with other business owners and realize they’re not the only one affected. It’s extremely helpful to identify this phenomenon. That’s why seeking out support and creating your own inner circle is so important for the postpartum period and beyond.

Finally, keep in mind: Postpartum struggles represent a season with an end date. Human beings are resilient, but sometimes it is hard to remember when your are in the throes of pain and distress. When something has an end date, it’s more bearable. Keeping that mindset will help you look ahead and give you a sense of hope!

Special thanks to Diana Shaw, Ed.S, LMHC for her help with this article. Her practice, Chaos Solutions Counseling, LLC, is a neighbor to The Salt Room Longwood.

The Salt Room Longwood serves all age groups in the Central Florida area with a safe, drug-free therapy proven to be effective for relieving symptoms of many chronic sinus, lung and skin conditions such as allergies, sinus infections, asthma and eczema. Salt therapy is safe!  HEPA/carbon filters and UV light kill 99% of all airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. To schedule a salt therapy session, call 407-862-1163 or visit



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