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The Threat to Your Health—Is Your Vibration High or Low?

Feb 28, 2023 09:31AM ● By Yolanda Arenas Acosta
Our world today may seem a very chaotic place to live in as many people experience unexplained feelings of anxiety, depression, moodiness and a series of emotions. The arrival of elevated frequencies on our planet has upset the rhythmic system of thought and the creative environment. All of the planet’s movements and planetary phases cause humans to act differently and affect the human behavioral patterns which impact our daily lives. Just look closely at the Schumann’s Resonance which tracks the earth’s daily electromagnetic frequency. You will find a rhythmic sequence that science and the spiritual community are now eager to follow.

High vibrational frequency is everywhere, and it is rising to an unprecedented level. People are noticing the impact that these frequencies have on our human anatomy. When I look around my environment, I see confusion. The image of “The Tower” as depicted in my Tarot cards comes to mind.  I work with Tarot and when “The Tower” shows up in a reading, it could be quite impressive. To the person getting a reading, it can represent a red flag. The Tower card represents a dark and foreboding life experience that can be filled with conflicts. As it is a major arcana card, the message in the reading is a warning that change is eminent.

Back in the late 1970s when I was led to branch out of my comfort zone, there was a boom of Spiritual healers and advisors writing books and holding conferences. Through the 1980s, they spoke about the coming of age. Often the topics were a bit doom and gloom and hard to digest. These messages caused an upset to those set in their ways and living in comfort. Of course, the information might have been disturbing—who wants change when things are moving along, right? For those who took the dive into the unknown, the information was to be assimilated, placed in a human vault to be used as a tool for the coming times. The messages shared by those Avatars were instrumental for these epic transitional times.

Many of the people who participated in these international conferences and meetings are now quick to admit that the information circulated is needed and no longer should be held. Yes, there were those brave Apaches who welcomed the journey and formed small groups. Many of these groups have messages that can be tracked back to past civilizations, such as The Mayans, Quetzalcoatl and many of the Aborigines. We learn from the past, and it reappears when the time is right.

My message is not of doom and gloom. However, our world appears to be going through massive change, which creates confusion. Trust has diminished as people confront those in authoritative positions, who took an oath to protect us. Just look at our news media. This can be quite unnerving, but please know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through all the changes, there are higher forces that assist our wonderous planet.

We can relay and observe that planetary changes cause the human anatomy to experience upheaval. We can see our external environment and our internal environment (the body) are receiving a huge overflow of current. Today, every person is experiencing some sort of issue and is forced to deal with the situation. Our world’s perspective is changing in rapid waves. Unknowingly, people walk through life without understanding these principles. They are blessed with existing in their own little dimensional mind. Your mind is a dimension! The body vibrates with frequency and sound which affects our state of health. The future of our health is decided by the choices we make and the types of environments we choose to live in.  It is Important to say that the future of your health depends on your state of mind and what you choose to feed it.

Thoughts create frequencies. Low vibrational thoughts can create illness. It is important to know that good/positive and bad/negative frequencies exist. Our ancestors knew this. For example, Nikola Tesla created a clean source of power for our environment, which clashed with the inventors of his time. The planet is in the midst of cleansing and purging these energy forces that are not aligned with the new frequencies. For some, the most important source of energy is money; and for others, it is the environmental impact that the power of money has on our future. The power struggles of these forces are evident and can be seen by the affects they have on our day-to-day lives. We are forced to adjust to the push and pull that exists between those who want and those who do not want to reckon with these forces. No surprise: your peace of mind and your state of well-being contribute largely to the well-being of our planet.

Your thoughts make a difference to the whole. Your mind is a dimension which changes—as we are all interwoven and interconnected in the grand space of time. You alone can make a huge impact on the environment and your present surroundings by consciously considering the way you think. Try this test: Pick a week (7 days) and repeat a positive affirmation every day before you get out of bed. You will be surprised when you examine the results! (There are many books written on this subject.)

Fear is the number one cause of illness. Fear can cause you to create unhealthy boundaries. Even though boundaries are important, too many limitations can deteriorate one’s health. We are creatures of nature, and it is a fact that growing up in nature is beneficial. Also, our needs are met when we have a variety of choices to help us grow. Good food, music and dance, meditation and healthy lifestyles creates peace and harmony.

When illness occurs, we are not taught to listen to our bodies. Instead, we are taught to look to the exterior for answers. Our bodies speak to us in phases. The messages come and go. When the body tires, the energy stops flowing and becomes stagnant. It is then that we are prompted to make a choice. If we are in tune with our bodies, the message becomes clear. This is called intuition, and everyone has it. It signals us that something might be wrong. This is the time to take responsibility, look deeper and search for your purpose.

While it is true that the exterior environment can cause dis-ease, certain frequencies (not aligned with our energy) can be detrimental, too. It is widely known that thoughts also create circumstances that affect your health. Dr. Bruce Lipton, PH. D. explains this in detail in his book “The Biology of Belief” (Hay House Publishing, 2004). He offers a chance to change your perceptions and concludes that we are a lot stronger than we think. We have control of our thoughts, with large possibilities of healing successfully. Another book to consider is “The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases” by Jacques Martel.

This brings me back to what I do. As a way-shower, I assist those who seek to better their current course in life. When we see our life through the Tarot table, life can be a storybook with endless possibilities. When we look at life from a different perspective, we can make a difference. We can choose to do good for us and all humanity. Our thoughts can change the outcomes. The reader reads the story that the Tarot conveys and helps the person understand the message. When we become conscious about our exterior surroundings and how our energy affects our well-being, things change.  You do the work (by electing to see the world consciously).

Some can become discouraged by the images on the Tarot, especially when the Death card shows up in a reading. Yes, the Death card heralds death, but it could mean quite the opposite in a reading. We must understand that death is a natural part of life, and death brings an end to a bridge of cycles in the course of life. But when death appears, it most likely is accompanied by new beginnings.

For those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship or have reached the end of a hard-working life, the sense of loss is real and evidently difficult to accept. But we are called to change our perspective towards what we call Death. Let’s seek to understand our human purpose and embrace each part of the journey. Understand and know that the end is only the beginning. God’s light is never ending; energy is infinite and flows eternally and we are just that we are made of: the source, the energy of life.

At this time, we are moved to comprehend that which was never taught but denied. Our spirituality is an individual choice, and life is filled with meaning and purpose. It is important to understand that there is a need to change. Our ideals have fallen and are being pushed to a limit where we have lost the true sense of purpose and have lost our sensitivity and effective nature. Nature is our source of healing--and connecting to nature grounds our body’s energy like a living circuit, keeping the current in a positive flow. We have come into a period of newness and awe inspiring us to uncover the many layers of programmed information fed to us through the many avenues of life.

It is important to stay in touch with our emotions and be kind to ourselves, have patience and understand that time heals all wounds. It is known that people achieve self-awareness when faced with adversity or through traumatic experiences. We are called to take a leap in consciousness, believe in what is transpiring and attempt to master hobbies that resonate with our innate nature. It is up to you to ensure a positive outcome, vibrating to frequencies that harmonize all aspects of mind, body and spirit. The body is the living library, and the exterior world mirrors change. There is potential for great productivity. Change may be challenging and disruptions can occur, but fate is in your own hands.

The outcome of our future depends on how we respond to challenges. Use prudence and daily planning. Trust in your higher self and Prime Creator. Seek new careers and opportunities that satisfy the heart. Remember to choose wisely. Be clear and balance your frequency as this is the key to happiness, longevity and harmony. The biggest threat to your health is losing the will to live a life filled with purpose! Life is beautiful and goodness will always prevail.

When life presents a challenge, Yolanda Arenas Acosta can show you ways to solutions! She welcomes your questions and is available for in-person or phone readings. Visit: or call her at 863-277-1060.


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