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“The Extraordinary Brain Health Detective Agency Course” for Parents of Inattentive Children

In this online course, Dwight Franklin, MSOM, AP, and Founder of The Franklin Family Wellness Institute will teach you how to become a “Brain Health Detective” for your child by teaching you the same method he has used in his practice for over a decade. Through “The Elementary Method” his institute has been successful in helping so many children who have struggled with Inattention, Hyperactivity, Impulsivity, and Anxiousness.

This Course will teach you how to understand your child’s unique Brain Health concerns and help your child with their specific needs. Through a better understanding of Neurotrasmitter Imbalances, Genetics, Nutraceuticals, and Food Therapy, you will develop confidence achieving optimal brain health.

Call 407-755-3135 or email DFranklin@MyFFWI for more details.


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