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Ted Skorman Offers BioPulsar Energy Testing

What colors are in Your Aura? Do Your Chakras need balancing? How is Your Energy flowing through each organ? These are just a few questions to be addressed from BioPulsar Energy Testing.

The Biopulsar is a state-of-the-art real time bio-feedback of the etheric energy in your aura, 7 chakra centers and all of your organs. This system measures 49 different points on the hand using gold-plated pegs. Gold is the best conductor of electricity and the most accurate way to measure the body’s energy.

This simple, non-invasive test can help you target the areas of your body that might need attention. Your auric DNA makes up your entire shield of defense. Ted offers two options: Level 1 includes a 2-page color description of how to interpret your energy levels of your auras and chakras. Level 2 includes a 20-page detailed report. The printout breaks down the colors and meaning associated with each organ mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

During this Spring season, special pricing is available at the Mehta Metaphysical Center in Winter Park. Schedule your appointment by texting Ted at 407-701-7955 or email: [email protected].



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