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Spread Your Wings!

This edition focuses on Food & Nutrition along with lifestyle changes for Gut (aka your 2nd brain) Health. Find much food for thought here.

Also, have you been following our Chakra series, which began last September? On pp 14-15, we top-off our 7-month series with the 7th Chakra: The Crown. Represented by the butterfly, discover ways to open this spiritual energy center.

Recently, my husband and I had a BioPulsar Energy Testing with Ted Skorman. We were both amazed by our unique results. The BioPulsar is a state-of-the-art real time bio-feedback device which measures the etheric energy in your aura, 7 chakra centers and all of your organs. This simple, non-invasive test can help you target areas that might need attention. See page 9 for details.

Finally, March 4th has been a special date for me—similar to Jan 1—when I re-examine my goals and march forth! Here comes Springtime, too. As you will see in our calendar section (pp 26-27), there are so many festivals on the horizon. Mark your calendar, and plan to attend these Big Annual ones:

March 3-5, 2023: Thundering Spirit Family Pow Wow

March 5: It’s Just Yoga & Wellness Festival

March 10-12: Herbal Conference

March 25: Holistic Globe Expo

April 22: Earth Day at Lake Eola

There are many smaller events just as enjoyable. This is the perfect time to get outside, and meet new friends. Be like a butterfly: shake off the winter cocoon and spread your wings!

Happy Springtime Ahead,



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