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Cassandra Curley on Peace and Being Fearless!

Nov 30, 2022 09:31AM ● By Margaret Mary Jones
Cassandra Curley has dedicated more than forty years to understanding the source of health and wellness. Along her journey, she has awakened to a thread of inspiring truths. She points out: “We are living in an unprecedented time in history as we waver on the threshold between global disaster or virtual tranquility.”

After reading your book From Fear to Eternity: A Path to Peace in 2012, I immediately replied, “This should be required reading for all ages.” Then when you turned 50 years old, you walked 50 miles in 50 states in just 50 weeks! You called your journey “A Path to Peace.” Tell us a little about how you hoped to spread peace by your 2,500-mile walk.

My tag line for the walk was “Cassandra Curley is talking the talk and walking the walk.” The message was clear, undisputable and sound: We are born peaceful, but create conflict when we become attached to things and detached from each other and Nature. I felt that if people saw how much I was invested in supporting this concept, it could inspire them to open their mind to the ideas and possibilities.

How has your “Path to Peace” experience changed your life, your outlook? And what do you hope others can learn from your experience?

I am grateful for my own internal peace and a sense of connection to all, including Nature. This is how I have so much faith in Humanity. The memory of oneness is still in our consciousness.

The “Path to Peace” demonstrated my ability to achieve what I set out to do. It motivated me to continue the work to the best of my ability. Helping others realize that Peace is achievable remains my primary goal.

I have recently revised the 2012 edition because there is so much at stake. I hope that humanity (as a whole) remembers that what one does affects everyone and everything. When we accept that we need each other to positively cooperate, fear diminishes. Peace will follow.

Tell us a little more about your work with the Serenity Center. What inspired it, and what do you hope to accomplish?

After the walk was completed, I began to implement the concepts of interconnection at the Serenity Center, a health and wellness center that my husband Mark and I founded in Oviedo.

It is a center where we provide a safe place for alternative healthcare practitioners and their clients. We also have a CommUNITY Space for events and a retail space for local artisans. We continue to draw enlightened speakers to share their wisdom and give classes. There are a growing number of like-minded people out there seeking to connect, and we hope to be facilitators of that experience.

As an easy and uplifting read, Cassandra Curley’s book From Fear to Eternity: A Path to Peace demonstrates a way to release the fear that creates conflict and achieve lasting Peace. Also her book What’s The “Matter”? is highly recommended. Both books are available on Amazon or at the Serenity Center, 2040 Winter Springs Blvd in Oviedo. Stay up to date by visiting for upcoming events and special announcements. She also welcomes your feedback via email: [email protected].




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