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Going From Wild to "Wow!"

Autumn is the time of year when Mother Nature says “Look how easy, how healthy and how beautiful letting go can be.”   ~ Toni Sorenson

As I have been collecting October event details for our popular Calendar section, I am wishing there were Three-of-Me! Every weekend is packed with great ideas to get out and about. Now, as I write this letter, I wonder what will happen Saturday, Oct 1? Will Hurricane Ian still be here? Maybe I will not need to be 3 Margarets—just hunker in and stay dry. We shall see.

I am excited about the 7-part series on Chakras (whirling energy centers in the human body) which started in the past Sept edition. October focuses on the 2nd Chakra: Sacral. Represented by the sacred color orange, you will find me wearing it and eating it! Pumpkin season is here. Yum! The animal associated with Sacral is the Badger.

My family and relatives are mostly Wisconsin transplants who know how to chant: “Go Badgers!” Ahh, I have fond memories of watching college football with my Dad. But those days are over—I prefer less rough & tumble events which take my breath away. Rowdy sports are now stressful as I’m aware of all the injuries these guys endure. I would much rather see a badger in the wild than on a football field!

Speaking of the wild, invite some into your home. See our Inspiration department article this month for suggestions. Having an indoor haven touched by nature takes the edge off the work-at-home days. Our Eco-Tip on the benefits of Houseplants offers many options, too.

Let’s go from wild to “Wow!” Last month I had my first Tachyon (pronounced: tack ee on) Chamber experience—and I’m looking forward to my next. We are fortunate to have such an amazing state-of-the-art chamber here—thanks to Stephanie Ray. Everyone has a different experience, and all I can say is “Wow! The color orange never looked so beautiful. I gleaned insights beyond words.” (Read the full article here). I highly recommend, especially if you want to bring more joy (and peace) into your life. During the month of October 2022, Stephanie is offering a 10% discount to all our readers.

Time to wrap up this letter and pray Ian moves through quickly, without power loss. Then, grant Three-of-Me for all the October weekends. Check out the calendar (pages 26-27) and make room for many festivities.

Go Badgers! and Happy Autumn Days,



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