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Getting Back to Our Roots

“Those who teach us the most about humanity, aren’t always humans.”

My favorite season—Autumn is approaching! This time of year always brings newfound Creativity to me. Perhaps it stems from childhood “Back To School” days or just the cooler weather? Both!

This month our focus is on Ancestral Exploration. And, as I ponder the above quote, I have learned so much about elephants. Truly, they are loyal, spiritual and protective beings. They can detect earthquakes, tsunamis, weather (days before events). Surprisingly, elephant dung is commonly used for a variety of aliments, mosquito repellent, eco-friendly paper & more! And, did you know? They are strict vegetarians.

We also must never forget the teachings of our ancestors. My interview with Cruzie Kelly regarding Mindfulness and various African and Indigenous practices opened the door for more personal exploration. Fortunately, our Supreme Court and UNESCO are in favor of upholding our First Amendment, so we can preserve and protect worthy ancient traditions.

Nature, of course, provides much wisdom for our survival. Learn how to live out loud in full color in our Inspiration department. This is the perfect time for gardening. What edibles are you growing? My Hydroponic Tower is full of collards, Swiss chard, herbs: basil, thyme, cilantro, dill and more. Let the experts at Root Grow Bloom get your hydroponic system flourishing. Jim Hunter at South Seminole Farm and Nursery offers expert advice on organics, too. And, don’t forget the Farmers Markets!

Finally, as we continue to get back to our roots, learn how you can support your inner energy Root Chakra. Kara at Shifting Souls offers many tips for us in this informative article. It’s time to don my red jeans and walkabout barefoot outside! (Why red? It’s a powerful strong color.)

Here’s to the Strength of the Elephants….

Happy Autumn Ahead!


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