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Natural Awakenings Central Florida / Orlando

Christ Church Unity of Orlando becomes Unity of Central Florida

Over 80 years ago, Reverend Carolyn Hightower had a vision to open a Unity church here in Central Florida. They have a long history across decades of being a welcoming and safe community, open to Spiritual seekers and students of Truth from all walks of life. As they honor the many names for God and the many paths to God, you may be wonder, “Why a name change?”  Or “Does this mean there is a change in the core beliefs?” We are rolling with the times and feel our new name, Unity of Central Florida, is one that is more reflective of a welcoming community for all that seek to know the Universal Energy, we call God on a deeper level. What has not changed? Unity of Central Florida is still lively, diverse, and an inclusive community that follows and teaches according to the founders over 125 years ago. 

Now as Senior Minister, Rev. Maggie Alderman began her role here on March 1, 2021. After being raised in Unity and being an active Truth student as an adult, she accepted the call from Spirit to become a Unity minister and was ordained in June 2020. Rev. Maggie is a mother of three teen/young adults, which brings her a perspective of what our younger generations are experiencing. No doubt, our youth face challenges in our evolving world as well. Her greatest strength comes in the form of open, honest sharing of her own experiences. Her passion is people! Connecting with, talking to, praying with and for others, being active within the local community, as well as teaching from the pulpit and in the classroom.

Their mission: “Unity of Central Florida is a welcoming community dedicated to transforming lives, celebrating diversity and supporting soul growth.” The Sunday celebration service is at 10:30 am (771 Holden Ave, Orlando 32839). 

Visit the website for many classes and community events. See you there!  


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