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Eco-Friendly Summer

Last month I wrote about the “Plastic-Free July” global movement. Let’s keep the momentum going! This edition offers more tips on avoiding single-use products. Planning a picnic? See our Eco Tip this month for outdoor strategies.

Thankfully, more consumers are demanding that manufacturers “green-up” their packaging. See our list of items such as toothpaste, deodorant, resuable baby wipes—and even biodegradable doggy-poop bags, here. Kudos to these eco-friendly suppliers. Let’s support them!

For years I have been making my own wipes, and I always have two containers in my car. Using 100% pure Peppermint essential oil, these wipes have saved my life during our hot summer days. I often wrap them around my neck or tuck them on my lower back. So cooling!  The other container includes a blend called “Thieves” by Young Living Essential Oils. It got its name from a story about two Mideastern spice traders who were robbing the sick and dying during the 15th century Black Plague. When the thieves were caught, the King of England offered a lesser prison sentence if they told their immune defense secret. Ah-ha, they were rubbing clove, cinanamon, rosemary, lemon and teatree on their skin. I especially like Theives after pumping gas or handling shopping carts.

Essential oils offer a simple, inexpensive healing strategy. For thousands of years, they have been shown in research to improve mood by triggering the release of calming neurochemicals, such as GABA, in the nerve centers of the brain. See our cover feature about the top 8 soothing scents. Be sure to buy pure, undiluted oils without synthetics! Young Living and DoTerra are good brands. 

Finally, if you are a meat-eater, support our local family-farmers at Tribal Acres in Groveland. I am mostly a plant-based consumer; however, my husband Mike is not. After watching an interview with lead farmer Brandon on the local podcast “It’s AllFine & Danjee” (Episode 139), we know exactly where to buy our meat. I highly recommend listening and/or watching this interview (you can find it on YouTube as well).  You will learn the difference between grass-finished and grain-finished meat. And, did you know savvy bakers prefer duck eggs over chicken eggs? Also, see page 8 for how to sign up for their Summer Cooler Club. They even offer free delivery to your home or office. It’s well worth it!  

Stay Cool and Happy Summertime!


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