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My Strawberry Letter 23 to All of You

I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with freedom. ~ Bob Dylan

As we celebrate Independence Day this July, let’s be grateful for the 245+-year progress we have made and continue to make as a nation—let’s not limit ourselves to these United States. Plastic-Free July is a global movement to help preserve our oceans, land, wildlife and individual bodies. We are all connected. Trung Tran and Jennie Lee co-owners of Good Fills in Orlando offer easy ways to make a positive difference and save money. See p 13. No petition to sign! Years ago I donated all my kitchen plastic containers. And, I always carry a glass straw and wooden utensils when traveling.

Heroes! They come in all ages, shapes & sizes. I certainly have had past canine family members heroically rescue me. Once hiking a mountain trail and often other pets lift my mood. Heroes are everywhere! They include local farmers, natural doctors (fearless of censorship), musicians and artists (who make our surroundings more beautiful), inventors of fun gadgets (to inspire mental growth). And, how about the inventors of E-Bikes! Would you consider the electric bike hero-inspired? From what I have recently learned, I do.

Logic may lead us to assume that e-bikes provide substantially less of a workout than regular bikes, but new research shows that as long as we’re pedaling, we are still getting our heart pumping, building stamina and experiencing some of that cardio magic. They still provide moderate-intensity to meet fitness goals. Riders can ride longer and go further. Even those, who are older and less-fit, give an enthusiastic thumbs-up after trying them out.

This July edition begins our 23rd year publishing in CFL! This past month I have been reminiscing back to July 2000. We’ve come a long way…I remember when yoga workshops were considered witchcraft. As I wrote about Chamberlin’s Rewards Program, I fondly remember my first Protein Smoothie. It was 1980 at the original Chamberlin’s in Winter Park—THE place to be!

Speaking of Chamberlin’s, now approaching their 87th year (with much competition in the grocery industry), I continue to be impressed how they keep high standards re: organic local produce. I remember years ago at Whole Foods, I picked up a WF 365 brand of Salad Mix. Luckily, I had my glasses on. In very small print, I saw “packaged in China.” Spring Mix packaged thousands of miles away…how fresh could it be?

The other day while shopping, I heard (piped through overhead speakers) the 1977 hit song “Strawberry Letter 23” by The Brothers Johnson. Remember it? Later I googled the lyrics of this love letter/song. “Is it Cool, is it Cool?” (If you’re reading this online, click on ) Note: the melody could stick in your mind for hours, which is a good thing!

So here is My Strawberry Letter 23 to all of you—mine is Letter 23 years! I welcome any love letters. Make it Number One! I promise to reply with Number Two and onward.

Stay Cool & Happy Summertime,



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