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“Get Healthy – Not High!”® with Sunshine Global Health® Products

From his early days in the 1970s as one of the three “Boys of Summer,” Dave Hampton has taken skin care to a whole new level. Six years ago, he began researching ways to infuse CBD from the Hemp plant into a sun protection product. A few years later, the first Cavinol® CBD blend was added to the Sunshine Global Health skincare line. Father Natures Hand is a protective skincare and tanning oil released in 2021. With a 50 SPF, this blend keeps your largest organ—your skin—safe and healthy.

Beware: According to a 2020 FDA report, there are many CBD products on the market that are mislabeled. It is critical to buy a product that is pure and uncontaminated with little to no THC (which is the chief intoxicant in marijuana).

As founder of Sunshine Global Health, Hampton reports, “At last, the evidence proves that our Cavinol® infused sun and skin care supports the immune system which can deter Covid. It also combats pain and anxiety, while protecting you from harmful UV rays. Our blends are 3rd Party tested and unadulterated. We have proven results from our clinics and customers worldwide.” See ad on page 2 of the June 2022 issue for some of their popular products or visit for more information. For a free consultation, he welcomes calls at 1-800-334-1236.


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