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Get the Science with Herbalist Emily Ruff—Enroll Today for Moon Medicine Course

Have you ever noticed your energy heightened under a full moon? Or withdrawn when the sky is dark? There's a science behind that! The rhythms of nature can help us find harmony with the world around us. Herbalist Emily Ruff, Founder of the Florida School of Holistic Living, is offering a yearlong Moon Medicine course to help you align and attune with these cycles.

This comprehensive program explores the science and the spirit of the stars, following the celestial cycles of lunar phases, constellations, eclipses, meteor showers, solar flares, and a host of other cosmic phenomena. From a scientific and historic perspective, topics include how these shifting subtle energies impact everything in our lives, including the wildlife in our backyard. Weaving together astronomy, astrology, ancient traditions and modern science, this program will show how the influences of the cosmos integrate with our body, mind, relationships, creativity—and our gardens and medicine making.

To honor the Summer Solstice, Moon Medicine begins Sunday, June 19, 2022. Course curriculum is delivered to students each New Moon and Full Moon, alongside a dynamic platform with a rich database of lessons. A bonus digital calendar supports students integrating lunar phases and astronomical events for daily planning. Seasonal group gatherings are held virtually for discussion, shared experiences and Q&A time.

Use the code NATURAL for a $50 discount off this yearlong course! Payment plans are available. Download sample lessons and enjoy excerpt videos from the course at  To reach the Florida School of Holistic Living, call 407-595-3731 or visit to register.




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