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Natural Awakenings Central Florida / Orlando

The Attitude of Gratitude

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”   ~ Margaret Mead

Do you believe in the ripple effect? I do. I have no doubt in the universal law:  we are all connected. Let’s choose an Attitude of Gratitude and help spread it far and wide. Please take extra time to appreciate all good things and express gratitude each day.

In addition to my love for friends and family, I extend my appreciation to other heroes: our local farmers. We have created a Central Florida guide (p31) where you can find weekly markets. Guaranteed: you will enjoy meeting new friends and finding out where your food is grown. Added bonus: our glorious weather makes mingling outside perfect for receiving good vibes!

Looking for some Good Mood holiday recipes? Check out pages 18-21 in our print edition for delicious ingredients to boost mental health. For other brain health tips, we thank Dr. Joseph Cannizzaro in Longwood for sharing how our gut (aka the 2nd brain) affects are actual brain. His sound advice relates to both the young and old.

Finally, as Thanksgiving approaches, we are led to consider just what makes us grateful. The basic necessities of food and shelter and someone(s) to love are givens for most of us. So for us the question goes deeper.

We are thankful for the freedoms our country assures, to choose our own leaders and worship as we please. Also, for the opportunities for education, the chance to work and maintain our independence. We must not take these freedoms for granted. 

For many who are struggling today in low paying—or loss of—jobs, gratitude may not be so easy. Be mindful of those who need extra help. Donate to your local food bank. Every little bit (whether purchased items or your time as a volunteer) helps. Let us be kind and compassionate to remove the sadness of the world.

With Gratitude and Love to All,



Farmers Market Guide


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