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Natural Awakenings Central Florida / Orlando

Discover Your Own Magical Gifts

Well known in Central FL as an “animal reader,” Jo Maldonado has been serving the animal (and their humans) community for over 20 years. She shares, “My strong belief is that everyone has magical abilities/intuitive gifts, and sometimes we just need a little nudge to hone them.

When I was a young (and as an only child), I had plenty of time to dive deep into the world of imagination (using my right brain). Talking to animals was natural, and imaginary friends were a go-to as we lived away from the general population in Argentina. I soon realized that I was able to see and know things that adults in my life did not. Like most youngsters, I was taught to suppress this world of glorious fantasy and unbridled imagination, and I was persuaded that when I heard animals “speaking,” it was all in my head. I submitted and treaded quietly into the left side of the brain of logic and structure.

As I grew older, I wanted to understand why my dreams came true. How could I know who was calling before I picked up the phone? How could I “see” things in my mind’s eye that were not in front of me, feel them in my heart, and then witness them coming true? How can my controlled energy make horses lie down to relax, dogs yawn and go to sleep and make typical aches and pains of friends go away? How can I do this long distance?  I was drawn to study the right brain subjects: animal communication, shamanism, reiki, QiGong, medical intuition, hypnosis, herbalism, natural healing, mediumship and other similar studies.”

In 2014 at a local café, Jo and two friends met to discuss the exciting movie series Harry Potter. They realized that much of what J.K. Rowling created was a parallel world of magical reality and its tools were all too familiar to them. “We speculated that forming a school that offered these subjects would help folks expand their intuitive gifts. I specifically wanted to guide others to be able to do what I could do. A course of study was conjured, and four years later Gryphons’ Claw The School of Practical Magic was born in 2018.

As headmaster of the school, Jo offers 11 courses of study with 56 classes within the courses. “We have been at work for many years to bring you the formula of a program that offers a variety of perspectives. Find what interests you!” Studies include Animal Communication, Divination, Charms, Herbology, Protection & Prosperity, Altered States, Higher Allies, Magical Creatures, Path of A Seer, Shamanic Studies, Potions, to name a few. All classes have been transported to online portals and remain at your disposal at the click of a button. Free learning segments are also available on their YouTube Channel.

She has manifested this school to help you reach the power of your own gifts. Her message to you: “May you rise up to your own power and greatness. May hope and confidence fill your life as you grow, learn, take chances and stand in self-esteem of this new life of magic.” During the month of October 2021, Gryphons’ Claw The School of Practical Magic has added a lineup of Halloween and good-witchy-themed classes, too.

For more info and to register, visit:, or email [email protected]

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