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How Does CranioSacral & SomatoEmotional Release Work in Conjunction with Mental Health Counseling?

When people are working through trauma with a mental health professional, they can get stuck in a physical fear response. It is natural for the body’s defense system to react when remembering a traumatic event. Sometimes, this occurs so strongly that it makes it near impossible to break through.

CranioSacral & SomatoEmotional Release Therapy can be applied in concert with mental health therapy to help manage the physical effects of trauma work. By calming the nervous system and easing tension in the body, the mind and emotions can move more easily through resistance/barriers in the healing process.

This can be done in separate bodywork and mental health treatment sessions. However, tandem treatments have been shown to be highly effective where a CranioSacral Therapy/SomatoEmotional Release practitioner works together with a mental health practitioner during a session. The combination of physical, as well as mental and emotional support, can help people become “unstuck” and find their way past traumatic blocks.


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