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Pay Attention to Your Own Intuitive Superpower

 Sometimes when my husband and I have a disagreement, I will humorously exclaim “You are wrong, with a CAPITAL R!” And he might reply, “You are right, with a CAPITAL W!”  Right or Wrong—we try to honor each other by thoroughly listening even if we don’t accept each other’s certain beliefs.

Opposing information comes from countless sources. And, it is good to have resources to research and choose what resonates with us. I believe if your intentions are for the good, the law of attraction works. Likes attract likes.

Recently I have been suffering from TMI (too much information). It is easy to do when I’m interested in both sides of a dilemma such as covid remedies. However, there is no doubt in my mind that keeping a strong immune system (physically and mentally) is key.

No matter your decision to be unvaccinated or vaccinated and to ponder the booster shots, these choices are clearly yours.  And, your choice is respected here! Within these pages you will never find bullying to get any shots.

Now—more than ever—we need to pay attention to our own Superpower, our 6th Sense: Intuition. Also known as an “inner voice” or “gut instinct,” take time to truly listen to it.

While covid and flu strains will always mutate, so does the mainstream news reporting on the ever-changing, so-called scientific facts. Vaccines are not protecting us as predicted, and sadly, boosters (aka “clot shots”) are becoming another experiment. A lot of fear can arise during these unknown times. What is your inner voice saying? Is it a whisper, or an all-out call for action? See pages 16-20 for tips on trusting your intuition.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come. For me, this teacher is author Annie Grace of the book, “This Naked Mind.” At some point, everyone questions their alcohol consumption. And, it is safe to say, many are certainly questioning their intake especially after this past pandemic year. Alcohol sales continue to soar.

As a publisher, I am always at least one month ahead of the current time. In September, I was in “October” mode. I took advantage of “Sober October,” a popular movement in the UK and Europe. Here stateside, we have Dry January to try a month-long, alcohol-free experiment. But, why wait for 2022? This is a great time to experience more happiness and less stress! (See Annie Grace’s tips on p18.)

I am curious. How do you interpret the above poolside sign? Drink more than just one hour? Or don’t drink, and happiness will prevail for many more hours? Do you drink alcohol for fun and/or to relieve stress? I did. I loved a couple (or more) glasses of red wine after a long, hectic day. Wine to unwind.

In our American and Western culture, drinking alcohol is promoted and encouraged at all events: sporting, family celebrations, after work happy hours, weddings, funerals—heck, there are even yoga instructors who offer mimosas after a weekend morning session! Alcohol is everywhere—we are inundated by all the concoctions and options. No wonder in Addiction brochures the words “drugs” and “alcohol” are separated. Why? There is no debate: Alcohol is the most addictive drug (besides nicotine) out there! Over 80% of Americans drink some form of alcohol on a regular basis. Why? Because our subconscious mind has been programmed to believe alcohol brings happiness—and relieves stress.

Well, it’s okay to admit we’ve been duped by the media (we see romantic dinner settings and playful backyard and beach parties, etc.) However, you’ll never see a TV commercial or ad of a solitary person drinking alone. And, like nicotine and other pharmaceuticals, why aren’t the many side effects required as disclaimers? Perhaps because the side effects are too long to list! Brain, heart and liver damage, depression, sensory deprivation, driving impairment, weight gain, chaotic lifestyle, child neglect, bankruptcy, just to name a few.

On a more positive note, another happiness topic here is Simple Living. Less stuff brings more joy! You’ll find a handy checklist to help reduce stress on pp 12-14.

I hope you enjoy this food for thought — Here’s to YOUR Intuitive Superpower,


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