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Back in the Saddle of Life

My favorite season—Autumn is approaching! This time of year always brings newfound Creativity to me. Perhaps it stems from childhood “Back To School” days or just the cooler weather? Both!

Our Sept theme is Creativity which can be found in all forms: painting, dancing, gardening, writing—you name it. For me, writing takes center stage. Our Inspiration column (pg 27) reminds me of the power of the handwritten note. Receiving—and sending—a note card always sparks good vibes, no matter your age. Everyone’s handwriting is unique. Often the recipient will “hear your voice” coming through the page. When was the last time you wrote in cursive? (A computer cursive font does not count!)

My dear friend Cassie Curley gave me a box of 12 greeting cards painted by her mother Carol Terry. Immediately I chose the 2 owls from the set for our cover art. (See pg 18 for the whole collection. If you love them as much as I do, the cards are available for purchase.)

Last month I visited fellow Natural Awakenings Publisher Rebecca Young at her Volusia county ranch. Almost a decade has passed since I hung out with horses. What a treat to get back in the saddle on a cool evening! You, too, can experience the joy of Horse Therapy. Life Coach Angela Jackson offers classes and one-on-one sessions here. See pg 23 for options. No experience needed!

Finally, after reviewing the Health Brief (p11) “Stay In Tune with Your Body Clock,” I questioned my own rhythm. According to a 12/18/20 Harvard Health post, “a growing body of research shows that we may want to pay more attention to Circadian Rhythm, also called our Chronotype. Identifying if we may be more of an early bird or night owl, may help predict our risk of potential health problems.

Being an early bird, or the opposite night owl, is usually not something that is thought of as being under our control. Some people seem to be hardwired to sleep early, while others get a second wind and tend to sleep late. This internal clock is each person’s unique timekeeper and the body’s own master controller of many functions. Most obvious is our sleep patterns; however, it also plays a role in our hunger and eating patterns, hormone levels, and maybe even our mood.”

Hmm, I’ve always considered myself a night owl. Upon further investigation, I discovered benefits: We tend to be more spiritual, creative and successful (due to our desire to take risks). However, the tendency toward lower physical exercise should be addressed. That is easy to modify: I’ll increase my after-dinner strolls and practice easy calming yoga poses (pg 24).

 Finally, our many healthy readers (lark or owl) can benefit from a Life Coach. Check out pp 20-21 for tips on reaching new goals. After this past slow year, we can all use a little KITA (kick in the ass)! Let it be gentle. Remember:  You can make great strides from just an initial nudge. Coco (my favorite horse) reminds me that a simple carrot is plenty sometimes!

Here’s to Back in the Saddle of Life….

Happy Autumn Ahead!



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