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Renown Animal Communicator Returns from Retirement

Jo Maldonado, known throughout Central Florida as “The Animal Reader” has returned from her first round of retirement to offer her services of readings, messages and insight from animals that have passed or are alive. Maldonado is known for teaching Animal Communication at Rollins College, LifeLong Learning Division and her many articles. 

She is now extending  her clientele beyond animals to humans. “My readings always include messages and insights for the human,” she says. “It is only fitting that this is made known to the general public.”

Maldonado has been doing readings for over 25 years, and she has mentored and trained many well-known pet psychics.  “People who come to me, have been my clients for decades. Before I retire completely, I have a few more services to offer to those in need.”

Maldonado can be reached by email at [email protected] and during the month of August, her website offers many classes at discounted rates, too! Be sure to check out:


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