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Natural Awakenings Central Florida / Orlando

My 253rd Monthly Baby!

This edition marks the start of our 22nd year publishing in Central FL. Thank you all for your loyal support—we could never have done it without you, especially through the most challenging 2020 year of lockdown. We have kept the presses running….July will be my 253rd monthly baby…all a labor of Love!

Looking for Stress Reduction? You have come to the right place! Sit back, relax and read on. You will find many healthy tips—no matter your age.

Lately, I’ve learned to appreciate some hi-tech modes of operandi. I now set my cell phone alarm clock at 3-hr intervals to remind me to “Take 5” to just chill and rest my eyes. During busy computer workdays, I certainly need to take deep breaths and check-in with the present moment.

Another favorite hi-tech activity is to record future shows, so I can skip all the pharma commercials. While trying to record the US Olympic Trials, I just happened to catch a clip on NBC’s Fri, 6/25 Inside Edition show. A stampede of 40 cows broke free from the Manning Beef slaughterhouse and fled through busy streets and backyards of a residential area SE of Los Angeles, CA.  My husband (who still has an occasional burger…yuck) and I loudly exclaimed: “Run Cows! Run!” The clip shows sheriffs, cattle ranchers, homeowners, cows all running for their lives. “Whose lives?” you might ask. Well, if this clip does not steer (pun intended) you to eat more plant-based meals, I don’t know what will. Check out the video! (  I hope you root for the cows! And, root for plants, too.

Our feature Food As Medicine (pp 20-23) and the interview with Peter Singer on Ethical Eating (p 27) offer much insight and food for thought for your personal lifestyle.

I am reminded of a favorite movie Leap Year starring Amy Adams. Her role as a NYC resident visiting Ireland to find true love is funny until she has to help her new Irish boyfriend prepare a chicken stew. Together they walk into the B&B backyard, and he snaps a hen’s neck for the meal. Amy gasps at the murderous sight. The Irish lad just looks at her, and in disbelief he asks, “Where do you think hens come from?”  City girl Amy pauses and timidly replies “The freezer section???”

Seriously.  So many modern American adults still do not contemplate the source of their food. Even some children do not even know that fruits and veggies are grown in a backyard. Years ago a doctor friend shared that her child patient stopped liking carrots when he learned they came from the dirty ground.

 Here is my favorite tote bag. I always get compliments on this one.

What is wrong with dirt? Dirt / Soil is a precious commodity when kept clean of chemicals and pesticides. I hope you agree and protect your yards, too!

Enjoy this edition—and savor all the Food For Thought here. Your body/mind/spirit will thank you…Guaranteed!


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