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Vipin Mehta on Metaphysically Healing Yourself: You Are Your Own Greatest Healer

Jun 30, 2021 03:02PM ● By Christine Donovan
Vipin Mehta was born in India and raised in Mumbai during the Independence Movement inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of non-violence. Inspired by Gandhi, he studied with spiritual mystics and masters all his life. Today, Vipin regularly conducts metaphysical/spiritual workshops and meditations at his 8,200 sq. ft. not-for-profit Mehta Metaphysical Center in Winter Park, FL. He built the center to share his lifetime of spiritual studies and teaching with other seekers. Vipin also founded and is still the active President of Mehta Engineering, a very successful national transportation engineering company giving him over 40 years of experience in the scientific and engineering realms of physics.

Vipin Mehta’s popular Global Healing trilogy book series: Thinking Outside The Box, Awakening Spirituality and New Vistas of Hope, endorsed by Madeleine Albright, wife of Senator William Albright, co-founder of the United Nations, are still selling strongly today and  available online and at the center.

In your opinion, what metaphysical wisdom is most important to share with others?

I have been holding a series of workshops on “You Are Your Own Greatest Healer” for many years. In these workshops we explore the power of healing that lies within each one of us and how to awaken that power. To metaphysically heal yourself (mind over matter), you have to understand the spiritual anatomy of a human being. A human being is much more than just a physical body. As in yoga, a human being has five layers of existence known as koshas.

What are the Five Layers of Existence in a human being?

Our human bodies are rooted in the realm of space/time and physics. Our life energy Kosha (the body of breath known as Prana) exists simultaneously in the physical, while also dwelling in the realm of metaphysics beyond space/time. The Mental kosha consists of thoughts, feelings, emotions and images. Chakras (vortexes of subtle energy) generate the auric field of one etheric kosha. At the core of our existence, the blissful body is made up of our Higher Self, Soul and Spirit. All five of these koshas (layers of being) are interconnected.

The physical body is a reflection and expression of the mental Kosha. With its movement—in and out—the life energy is the bridge between the two. The mind is the fulcrum of the five layers of existence, this is where the power of healing lies.

In modern society, it is standard practice for human beings to suppress and repress negative constricting emotions. They become imprisoned in the subconscious mind as life goes on. These emotions are like prison inmates who crave freedom. Over time these inmates gang up and free themselves from their prison. The suppressed emotions express their freedom by causing chronic illnesses in the physical body, such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems, asthma, back pain, etc. In these cases, modern conventional medicine only treats the symptoms—and not the root cause which lies in the patient’s state of mind.

Unfortunately, many modern doctors simply prescribe medications for treating these symptoms and ignore the root cause. By expanding your awareness of all the healing modalities, seek modalities that are best for healing yourself. I recommend Reflexology, Reiki, Naturopathy, Metaphysical Healing, Yoga, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Crystal Healing, Spontaneous Healing (Miracles), Modern Integrative Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Homeopathy, and Chiropractic. Explore and trust your intuition.

Keep in mind:  Forgiveness is the greatest elixir! Try accepting the following: “Since I have created this illness, I am responsible for it. I am the master of healing myself. I forgive myself for causing this illness. I am my own greatest healer.”

Please explain the meaning of Metaphysics? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Metaphysics as “of / or relating to the transcendent, or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses.” How do you define it?

Metaphysics is the knowledge of the human mind in its total complexity within the relationship of the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Practicing metaphysics is the inner alchemy-turning of negative emotions. Examples are:

• Turning stubbornness and defensiveness into open-mindedness and determination
• Transforming apathy and procrastination into drive and action.
•  Transcending the constrictive emotions of fear, hurt, jealousy, blame, revenge, loneliness, and despair into the higher octave of expansive emotions such as well-being, optimism, joy, hope, trust, passion, compassion, and love.

For more information about Vipin Mehta’s upcoming lectures and events, visit:  We can all benefit from transforming negative emotions to positive ones for a healthier lifestyle.

Christine Donovan is a contributing editor for Natural Awakenings based in Central Florida. By request, she is available for eco-friendly and holistic interviews at [email protected]

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