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Natural Awakenings Central Florida / Orlando

Being Outside Again!

Tonight I am gazing up at the late April full moon while I write from a hotel balcony overlooking Lake Eola. It is a beautiful evening—and I am still tingling from all the excitement at the Central FL Earth Day Festivals this past week.

To celebrate outside again with like-minded, eco-friendly friends is such a Joy! Thank You all for visiting our tent on Sunday and re-connecting. Can you read “Be Fearless!” on my shirt in this photo? Cassandra Curley, author of the 3-part series “What Would Nature Do?” (Dec 20-Feb 21) made yellow T-shirts which were very popular at our tent. She has a few more for sale! To see her new design, connect at

Our popular Calendar section is being resurrected (p.29) and gaining momentum! Do you have a special June or July event to promote? We can help…just email [email protected] by May 15, 2021.

Due to Mother’s Day, this edition focuses on Women’s Health. Yet, there are articles for all genders—our feline friends are included in this month's Natural Pet department, too.

Here’s to Mother’s Day—without them, we would not be here!

PS: Two months ago (March 2021) I wrote about my 3 upcoming “Conqueror Challenges.” So far, I completed swimming the English Channel (21 miles), and I’m now on the 26-mile Inca Trail in Cuzco, Peru….just 12 miles from the Machu Picchu summit. You can do it, too!  These are virtual tours/challenges done wherever you want to exercise. Please join me. Best of all—NO vaccine passports are required!

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