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Natural Awakenings Central Florida / Orlando

Experience Spiritual Guidance with Reverend Rae Moonwind

When people come to Rev. Rae Moonwind for readings, past life regression, Reiki or life coaching support, her primary function is to assist them in recognizing what they do know and to support them in a place of self-love and self-trust, where they can rely on their own intuition.

“I never know what a client might need. Therefore, I make ample time allotments for each session. Each client, each session, is a unique experience. It is not a selfish thing to focus on healing oneself or to ask for assistance. One of my favorite quotes from Dinotopia is, “One raindrop raises the sea.” Every person who chooses to embrace self-healing raises the vibration of everyone around them.”

Rae presents workshops on a variety of metaphysical topics. All of her presentations are channeled. However, she loves science and brain research. She pulls as much data and research as possible into each presentation in order to make concrete connections between real world experiences and spiritual experiences. “I would like to point out: All of the leaders of the Spiritualist churches I personally know hold doctorate degrees in math or science. Our Universe is a mathematical equation. It is time to take the “woo-woo” out of spirituality and to normalize it.”

She received her training in Ascended Mastery work from Alberta McCreery of Farm Home Light Center in Illinois. For five years, Rae worked as a psychic medium and spiritual counselor at the Spiritualist community in Cassadaga, Florida.

With degrees of a BA in Elementary Education, MA in Exceptional Student Education, MA in English Speakers of Other Languages, she is also a Reiki Master Teacher and holds certificates in Life Coaching and Past Life Regression. Rae has personally developed workshops on many topics: including our enlightened children (the Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, and Starseeds) and a series on the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels, as well as classes on prosperity, love, and coping skills for our Ascension process.

For more info and to make an appointment, Rev. Rae Moonwind can be reached at 386-818-7119 or [email protected].

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