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What Would Nature Do? Part 3 of 3

In its fullest expression, Life is Growth—the cyclical force that d rives the world to grow, decay and renew. As a process, the living Universe directs infinite amounts of energy that inform, in order to form, all living things. Guided by an intelligent source and powered by the Sun, this vital
information is perpetually in-formation, influencing the world to adapt, refine and diversify. This is how the world has evolved for billions of years.

But, when the process of Life is interrupted through the wanton misuse of resources or by exposure to unfamiliar energy information, such as synthetic chemicals, toxic industry byproducts, intense electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), or even by caustic beliefs, the results can only be life-altering. Currently, humanity is experiencing the consequences of such careless intrusions with an epidemic of turbulence and disease.

We can view the whole of the Intelligent Universe as a vast information processor that is perfectly attuned to Life. Accordingly, any distortion of information within an organism (be it a particular species, an ecosystem, or the planet) will be expressed precisely with SYMPTOMS. Symptoms indicate a disruption in the flow of information in life. Symptoms are the language of disease. Within this context, it is up to us to interpret symptoms so we may restore our health and the health of our planet.

If we choose to view life systems holistically, then the natural principles of wholeness, cause and effect, efficiency, adaptation, and harmony can lead us back to the source of symptoms. If we instead ignore Nature’s communication systems by choosing to treat symptoms as isolated enigmas, we undermine our ability to restore health. If conventional science asserts that after diagnosing a symptom, then suppressing or removing it provides a “cure,” it fails to acknowledge
the origin of disease. In medicine, Science often dismisses the holistic language of Nature. The allopathic approach may seem sensible, since eliminating symptoms appear to solve problems, but targeting a symptom as a solution fails to encompass the wholeness of Nature’s wisdom—it presumes that Nature is somehow flawed and human ingenuity can forego it.

But, Nature is never wrong – it simply responds to the information it is given, follows an efficient path to sustain growth, and expresses corrupt informationas symptoms. As such, “conquering disease by eliminating symptoms” proves insufficient and a more expansive view could surely provide a more effective path to health. Indeed, part of the shortcomings of our current health care system is that it not only functions with a short-sighted superiority complex, but that it undermines and sabotages our biologically-innate functions in the process. In our nation, these assaults can begin well before we are born.

Even though Nature imparts us with every mechanism to safely conceive, develop and deliver a healthy new life into the world, outside influences can have profound effects. Any unfamiliar
input to a developing child, be it discordant EMFs, synthetic ingredients, toxic byproducts, genetically-altered substances, or contaminated air and water can interrupt or alter the natural flow. Sadly, the last few centuries has produced an onslaught of toxic information for child-bearing women to withstand. As the most commercialized country in the world, it is no wonder that the United States has among the highest rates of infant mortality!

Fundamentally, health or sickness reflects a perception of and communication with the environment and this interaction starts in the womb. Just like there is a dynamic relationship with the external environment, there is an equally complex exchange of energies within. Of course, we know that a mother’s nourishment directly informs the development of her unborn child, providing the formative information for health, but her exposure to toxic substances can act conversely. With that in mind, it seems to defy common sense to inject toxins and foreign substances into her body to insure health. But, that is the methodology that the medical industry has deemed most effective for child-bearing women.

For instance, it has become standard in the United States to recommend two immunizations for pregnant women: Whooping cough aka Pertussis, (often given as Tdap – short for Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) and one for Influenza. Of course, the reasoning behind these suggestions is that both of these diseases pose risks to the mother and the unborn child. However, what is not typically discussed is that both of these injections pose risks themselves.

Besides the attenuated (weakened) virus, a 0.5-ml dose of Tdap contains at least 0.625 mg aluminum hydroxide as an adjuvant (an irritant that intentionally provokes an immune response to produce antigens), and residual amounts of formaldehyde and polysorbate 80, among other noxious chemicals (depending on the brand). Keep in mind that injections, as opposed to oral ingestion, travel directly through the bloodstream and can sometimes enter into the brain and/or
the developing child. Weigh this against studies that show high levels of aluminum in the brains of autistic children and those suffering with Alzheimer’s or Multiple Sclerosis and one might reconsider receiving a shot and choose a more complementary approach to avoid this bacterial disease.

Furthermore, the Tdap is administered because, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “Whooping cough is a very contagious disease that can be deadly to babies.” Included in this statement on the website is the alarming statistic that “7 in 10 deaths from Whooping cough are among babies younger than 2 months old.” However, to put this in perspective, based on their own statistics, of the almost 3,800,000 live births in 2018 up to 20
babies could die from Whooping cough (of those, 14 in 20 would be under 2 months old), which amounts to 1 in 190,000 births. Combined with the 2017 results which show that the number of children aged 6 months to 6 years who contracted Whooping cough after having had the complete recommended series were almost equal to all others of the same age who either did not receive at all, did not receive the full series, or were undetermined as to whether they

When thoroughly researched, the efficacy of vaccinations is highly questionable, and the high reports of adverse effects are well beyond what should be considered acceptable.

received, and it appears that the risks certainly outweigh the benefits. This type of information is crucial for expectant parents to be fully informed.

Influenza vaccines carry their own risks. There are a variety of different brands offered throughout the country (26 licenses, according to the CDC, at the time of this writing) and most contain varying levels of aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, sodium deoxicholate and/or additional additives. Even more concerning, the Trivalent (3-strain) and Quadravalent (4-strain)
contain up to 25 mcg of mercury. Certainly mercury, a deadly neurotoxin, is not a defensible means to enhance the health of a mother or her unborn child.

Since any or all of the mentioned toxins can make their way into the bloodstream, there is no doubt that there is potential for them to interfere with the information pathways to healthy development. As an alternative to immunization, we can choose a more proactive approach to preventing disease by fortifying the immune system with a healthy mind (our most critical conveyor of information), sunshine (vital for good health), a nourishing diet that supports
the microbiome (which provides over 70% of our immunity through beneficial bacteria) and any needed supplements. Granted, we should also limit exposure to pathogens (bad bacteria) and protect those individuals with a heavily compromised immune system, but a fortified body provides considerable protection toward fending off disease.

Ideally, we can achieve the commonly spoken of “herd immunity” through the natural exposure to viruses (which are in their simplest description packets of information) that serve to boost a healthy immune system through the production of antigens. Indeed, the existence of viruses has “upgraded” species to help propel life from the beginning of time.

When thoroughly researched, the efficacy of vaccinations is highly questionable, and the high reports of adverse effects are well beyond what should be considered acceptable. We have the option to combat disease through our naturally-supported pathways. Like the unvaccinated communities in our nation who experience significantly lower incidence of illness, metabolic and neurologic disorders and mortality, a more holistic approach to health can demonstrate that Nature’s wisdom offers the best defense against disease.

Cassandra “Cassie” Curley is the author of From Fear to Eternity: A Path to Peace, and she is a local business owner, and Peace Messenger. She can be reached at [email protected]

Information providing the ingredients of all U.S. licensed vaccines can be found at

There are numerous professionals who provide guidance toward a holistic, Nature-driven approach to wellness. Here are a few Functional Medicine Practitioners I highly recommend:
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