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Parental Tips for BIKE RIDES

As a parent of a young child, have you ever wondered when it is the right time to learn how to ride a bike?

Considering I’m nine years old, I’ll tell it to you from my own experience. I started riding at about
age five. I was encouraged by my two older sisters who left bikes lying around for me, and they taught me how to ride one of their old bikes.

Some benefits I got from starting young was I had fewer distractions, and I would not have to worry about it later in life. If I had started later, it would be harder for me to find time to ride with all the new things going on in my life—such as starting school or even meeting new friends.

 As a parent, you probably wonder about when is the right time—just as if you were thinking about letting your kids get their ears pierced. You would probably want to do it when your child is young, so when they get older, they will not remember how it hurts. They will grow up and put on earrings without even thinking about it.

Before you buy your child a new shiny bike, think about their readiness. Don’t rush them, it won’t be fun if they are not motivated. You have to realize there is a huge difference between your kid being interested in riding and you demanding them to learn. If your child does not want to learn, persuade them by maybe having one of their friends come over who already knows how to ride, and let them teach your kid. Most children dislike many things that are ”boring,” so make learning as fun as possible!

If you will worry they will fall, then training wheels are a good solution for balance. Don’t worry: it might take them a while to take off their training wheels. It took me about a year to get comfortable without using training wheels. As a parent, make sure to remember that more practice means more confidence. Do not expect your kid to know what they are doing if they only practice once a month.

My family and I like to ride our bikes together. We enjoy being all together, and we love riding
around the neighborhood. We make it a fun adventure. When we finish, it feels like we have made an accomplishment.

 When you get the feeling of fun as a family on bikes, you still need to supervise your child to make sure they are safe. Teaching about road safety will also help a lot. When children are educated about road safety, they are most likely to prevent accidents in the future. Remember to always practice on the sidewalk—never on the road.

I have personally seen many benefits. Your family will enjoy an activity that everyone will be able to do. Now, you have tips for the right time. Remember, don’t rush your kid, give the right equipment, practice often with them, and you will have a nice family activity and memories for life!

Chloe Wachtel currently is a fourth-grade student at Choices in Learning Elementary. She enjoys writing, learning the piano, and learning about computer graphics and animation. She has participated in her school’s Fencing Club and Soccer Club, and she enjoys playing outside with her friends. Chloe lives in Lake Mary with her mom, dad, and two older sisters.

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