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Energy Bites

These energy bites are the perfect snack to grab and go. They’re completely customizable and take 5 minutes or less to make. It’s easy to create festive, colored bites for the holidays. Simply add one-quarter cup of oats into a bowl with 15-30 drops of food coloring and give it a stir. Then, simply roll your finished balls in the food-colored oats.

yield: 12 large bites or 24 small bites

1 cup rolled oats or quick oats
½ cup add-ins (dried fruit, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, chia seeds, ground flaxseed, chopped nuts or a mixture)
½ cup nut or seed butter (peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, sun butter)
1 Tbsp liquid (plant-based milk, dairy milk, water, coconut oil)
2-3 Tbsp honey or maple syrup

Add oats, add-ins, nut or seed butter, and liquid to a large bowl. Stir to combine. Mixture should be slightly sticky, but still crumbly.

Add in honey or maple syrup, 1 tablespoon at a time, to reach desired sweetness. Stir until mixture starts to come together in a sticky ball. If the mixture is still too dry, add in 1-2 more
tablespoons of liquid.

Place bowl in the freezer for at least 30 minutes to chill, then roll mixture into balls using hands.

Store in the fridge until ready to eat or pack into a jar for a gift. Store any leftovers in fridge for up to 1 week or the freezer for up to 3 months.

Recipe courtesy of Stephanie Hafferty, author of The Creative Kitchen: Seasonal Plant Based Recipes for Meals, Drinks, Garden and Self Care.

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