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Natural Awakenings Central Florida / Orlando

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Sunshine Global Health

3817 S Nova Rd
Port Orange, FL 32127

Over six years ago, we began providing people with hemp CBD oil that we had blended by two different public companies, one in California and one in Florida. The blends that we had made were organic, with no additives, pure, strong, and expensive. Batches were inconsistent and many lab results were inaccurate. After a year we decided to blend our own formulas. We purchased paste from California, Colorado and Europe and added a proprietary blend of terpenes and other cannabinoids. We had the cannabinoid paste and finished products tested by a lab in South Florida and a lab in Colorado. Another two years of inconsistent results led us to begin building a laboratory that would provide consistent and accurate test results.

We began to grow by leaps and bounds, while governmental agencies were in a “gray area” of approval/non-approval. The “gray area” in the industry has led us to navigate through constant label changes, website, and marketing updates. Our company started to get noticed primarily through word of mouth and networking. Soon after this notoriety, we began getting attacked by competitors and individuals who made claims that ranged from us putting motor oil in our products to us being secret pawns for big pharma companies to destroy the “little guys.” The primary motivation for the claims was our rapid growth and the fact that we do not “cut” our product or add flavorings. Our product is all natural, organic, rich, pure, thick and tastes like the hemp plant it comes from.

Four years ago, we came to a crossroads and had to decide to move forward and grow or concentrate on other products. Moving forward would require a large financial investment for new offices, qualified staff and, more importantly, a test lab of our own. At that time, our business had tripled in 4 years. Medical doctors, clinics and hospitals became interested in our products and the positive results. What tipped the scale and made us move further into the CBD/Cannabinoid market were the hundreds of customers who had benefited from our product and had been loyal for so many years. It has been frustrating not to publish their testimonials for others to read because of the legality and “gray area” that still exists in the market today.

So, we decided to move forward with a state-of-the-art laboratory capable of testing hemp, marijuana, and nutritional supplements. We invested millions of dollars for this capability. We wanted and needed consistency with our products. This is especially important to help people with various conditions. We created a board of qualified medical doctors, clinic owners, rehab specialists, and healthcare providers worldwide to develop protocols for patients in need. Over two years ago our medical board started clinical testing using our products in the United States, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Panama, Central America, and parts of Europe. Future trials will be starting in parts of Asia. Through these clinical studies, strong helpful protocols are being developed.

So where are we now? CBD is no longer classified as a “Schedule 1” narcotic, but the FDA has not classified it as a dietary supplement. Virtually thousands of locations in Florida are selling CBD, including gas stations, grocery stores and big box stores. Many people lack knowledge about the product they are selling. Companies are continuing to make false claims and have no laboratory testing for their products. This lack of education and research within the market gives legitimate companies like ours a bad name.

Sunshine Global Health has been asked to participate in helping write new rules and regulations for licensing, growing, and processing hemp and hemp derived products in the state of Florida. Key members of our company met with the Director of Hemp & Cannabis, Holly Bell, in the Tallahassee office of Nikki Fried, Commissioner for the Department of Agriculture in August 2019. During this meeting, the new Florida rules for growing, marketing, and testing CBD, hemp, and marijuana extracts were discussed. Most recently we have been approached by growers throughout Florida to join them in research including cultivating the very best hemp crops.

On November 1st, 2019, SGH staged a special event to promote the arrival of our new research and testing laboratory machines and the nano emulsification attachments at SGH’s new testing facility in Port Orange, Florida. This laboratory was designed exclusively to research, test, and develop new products, processes, and use new technology and techniques to continually discover and improve natural, organic, safe specialty products that help improve the quality of life for those in need.

Many of the health care providers on our Medical Board were in attendance. Health care providers from across the United States and worldwide were also in attendance. The excitement of our new laboratory & the positive results of our clinical studies was infectious. Among our key speakers at the event were Holly Bell, Florida State Director of Hemp & Cannabis, and State Representatives, Tom Leek and Bobby Payne.

In late spring 2020, SGH went into a partnership with GGI Worldwide, an international company based in Japan. Both SGH and GGI have plans to create an international business that grows, processes, markets and sells hemp CBD products and other health and wellness items worldwide. The president of GGI, Mr. Yoshikawa, and his assistants will travel to the United States to initiate phase one of the feasibility study as soon as the travel restrictions (due to COVID-19) are lifted. With these partnerships SGH will be able to expand into many areas in which hemp / CBD products will be helpful and needed. SGH will continue to expand clinical studies throughout the United States and the world.

In the spring of 2020, SGH created a partnership with our Kentucky affiliate to continue to create dynamic products. Our Kentucky affiliate specializes in the growing and production of hemp-derived products, both full spectrum and broad spectrum and all THC free. With this partnership our central offices, located in Port Orange, Florida, will be the location of our testing and research divisions and the Kentucky locations will handle our growing and processing divisions.

Through charitable contributions worldwide and with our state-of-the-art research laboratory we are striving to make a positive impact throughout the industry and the world. We are continuing to develop protocol procedures through our clinical studies to help those in need.

Sincerely Yours, The Folks at Sunshine Global Health