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Natural Awakenings Central Florida / Orlando

Essential Life Frequencies

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Restore harmony through life-affirming quantum biofeedback frequencies!

Since everything is frequency, we can use unique wave forms, frequencies and energetic signatures designed to awaken your body's own innate ability to self-regulate to remember and maintain a state of balance and harmony or homeostasis.

Everything has a frequency and we are surrounded by frequencies, some of which are coherent (like nature) and some are incoherent (like WiFi EMFs). With quantum biofeedback, we can identify all frequencies and balance your body's reaction to them. Would you like to experience spiritual balance, identify food or chemical sensitivities, harmonize your emotions and find out which Bach or Perelandra Flower Essences will help support your emotional balance, balance your chakras, clear the flow of energy through your meridians, receive frequencies of minerals that are important for healthy DNA expression? If you are a Young Living member, discover which products would best support your frequency as well as which essential oils would support your emotional wellness. We can also support your pet's wellness whether cat, dog or horse, they are also experiencing various frequencies that need to be harmonized.