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Living With The Five Elements

Mar 01, 2021 12:54PM ● By Margaret Mary Jones

As I write this letter in late February, I am excited that Spring is right around the corner—officially March 20. However, I cannot wait. For years March 4th has been a favorite date—when I revisit my New Year’s resolutions. I pick up my feet and March Forth with gusto! This year I will be a Conqueror.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda Medicine from India, the Wood Element (one of The Five Elements) is dominant in Spring. It is the perfect time for rebirth and growth. Not only a time for physical exercise, the liver welcomes this time for a detox. too.

With much enthusiasm, I am going to do both. First, I will begin with a 14-day detox program.
Second, I will embark on 3 Conqueror challenges: to swim the 21-mile English Channel (from France to England), walk the 90-mile Hadrian’s Wall (west to east along the Northern England and Scotland border), and then set off to Peru’s sacred Inca Trail for a 26-mile hike. Best of all—no passport is required! Organized with friends from my doctor’s office, these group tours/challenges are designed to be fun! It is done virtually at your own pace. I’ll be swimming 1480 (not typo!) lengths at my local Olympic pool and walking locally outside. On the near horizon, I expect some easy weight loss to occur, too.

Obesity is one of the top morbid conditions in our country. And, after a long year of covid
prevention, most of us are ready to get out and move more freely. Even our canine friends might need some weight loss guidance. See page 26 on safe ways to restore your dog’s weight.

Returning to the topic of The Five Elements, Dr. Joseph Cannizzaro, MD and Dr. Dwight Franklin,
DOM offer many helpful parenting tips which can be applied to any of our relationships: at the office or at home. See pages 16-18.

As always we welcome your feedback and encourage your healthy explorations.

Happy Springtime—and To Your Renewal,


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